Windows and doors that will last a lifetime.

The warranty is an important part of your purchase. New windows and doors can be expensive and you expect they’ll last a very long time. While nobody wants to use a warranty it is important to know it’s there and to understand what is covered.

When your project is installed it’s always a good idea to walk the project and look at each window to make sure everything is looking great. If anything is still needed be sure to note it on your completion form.

A Sanctuary sliding door with lifetime warranty.
French style sliding door with interior blinds that raise and tilt

If you do have something like a scratched lock or a torn screen the installation department will order any necessary parts and get it resolved as quickly as possible. If anything is needed down the road we have a process for that as well.

How long is the warranty?

Most of the products we offer come with a lifetime warranty. It will cover your windows for as long as you own the home. The warranty will even offer glass breakage coverage for most projects. Warranties are commonly transferable when you sell the home as well. This boosts your resale value and gives the new buyer piece of mind.

Since we offer such a wide range of products for residential, commercial and multi-family projects the warranties for different products will be different. For example, an apartment building is commonly owned by an LLC. In a situation like that the owner is a business and a business doesn’t really have a lifetime. In that case a lifetime warranty wouldn’t make sense and very substantial commercial warranties are available for those projects.

For a residential remodeling project a lifetime warranty is more common. Warranties for our most popular residential products are lifetime warranties. They will specifically offer coverage for as long as you own the home. If you live there for 50 more years you have 50 years of coverage and the warranty can still be transferred to the new owner when you do sell the house.

Once you receive the window price list by email your window expert will be able to explain the warranty for your specific project.

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