We’ve never met an HOA we couldn’t satisfy.

HOA requirements can be important to consider. Some homeowners associations are easy to work with and some can be a little more challenging. If your HOA has rules relating to window and door replacement we are happy to help make sure they’re satisfied with your project.

Over the years we’ve worked with countless customers to get their window and door projects approved by their HOA or condo board. This means we can help to make that process just as easy as possible for you.

HOA requirements for replacing windows and doors.

Once you’ve recieved your window quote by email let your window expert know if you have an HOA. It’ll be a good idea for you to contact the HOA to ask for a copy of any HOA requirements, rules or regulations surrounding window replacement so you can be sure you know what is required. Don’t take your neighbor’s word for it.

Sometimes they just want to make sure you keep the color or style the same as it was before. Sometimes they’ll have very specific requirements relating to sizes, dimensions, grids, trim, colors, and more. We can send out window color sample packs which help to make sure everyone will be happy with the results.

We’ve never met an HOA that we couldn’t satisfy. We’ll be happy to help you with yours.

What if the HOA requirements don’t make sense?

We do occasionally see HOA rules that don’t make a lot of sense. Sometimes they use specific terms incorrectly and sometimes it’s clear the rules were not written by a window expert. This can cause confusion, but we can help to sort it all out.

In addition to helping with your specific project we can also work with your board to create new regulations or update existing regulations to make sure they make sense for future projects. That way the regulations can accomplish the goals of the community in the easiest way possible. If you’re on an HOA board and you’d like assistance creating or updating regulations around windows and doors contact us today. We’ll be happy to help out.

How to get windows approved by your HOA.

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