Professionally measured for a perfect fit.

Exact measurements are critical. After you complete the order forms online the installation department will give you a call to schedule your measurement appointment. Don’t worry, you don’t need to measure anything. We’ll have a technician come over to take exact measurements of each opening.

Most of the measure technicians are installers or retired installers so they’re experts at dealing with projects like this. In addition to measuring the opening they’re also ensuring that all building codes and regulations will be followed.

Every window opening will be measured by a professional.
Double hung windows with slim frames, rich maple interior and matching grids in the top sash

They’ll be looking for things like tempered glass requirements and even testing for lead paint if needed. They’ll also be making sure the window styles you picked out will make sense for the project.

The technician will also be marking down the existing window grid patterns and other details. If you want to change anything, like a grid pattern, be sure to email your window expert with that information as soon as possible. We’ll confirm the change by email and we’ll note it on your order. Remember, a change does not exist until it’s confirmed by email.

Will the price change after the windows are measured?

The sizes don’t impact the prices so there’s no concern there. However it is possible that something unexpected could come up. Believe it or not, the most common discrepancy we see relates to the number of windows ordered. For example, if you order 24 windows, but we only measure 23 the price will do gown.

If there is any discrepancy that comes up at the measurement appointment your window expert will be in touch to go over the options and to help find a solution.

You’ll be able to either pick one of the options or cancel the order at no cost. The order can be cancelled at anytime before the manufacturing begins so you’re never stuck with any surprise costs.

Once the order is all set it is sent to manufacturing and at that point the order is final. For more info on the manufacturing and delivery process see this page.

How do I measure for new windows?

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