Understanding your window quote.

Let’s help to make sense of the window quote and price list that you requested. Here we’ll go through each section of the price list to explain the terms, provide more info and answer common questions. Of course you can always just reply to the email you received to ask us anything. You can’t stump us with window and door questions and we’re always here to help.

Note: The info here is specific to our offering in Sacramento, CA. If you found this page on google and have not yet received a copy of our itemized window price list you can find our nearest location here to request a current window price list that is specific to your area. We’ll gladly email you all of the info, including current window and door pricing.

Step 1: Select your windows

Step 1 of your window quote from Window Universe.

You’ll see the first section of the price list is where we select the quantity and style of windows. This was initially filled out using the basic info you submitted through our website and we can absolutely make changes. Our average quote is revised more than 4 times before an order is placed. Don’t be shy. We offer unlimited revisions.

Window terms can be a little unfamiliar to most folks so you can find descriptions, diagrams, min and max sizes, pictures and more here.

To change the quantities and styles just reply to the email we sent you to let us know what you have in mind.

The installation was my favorite part. You could tell those guys were experts. They worked quickly and efficiently and finished right on time.

Sam and Kelly – Sacramento, CA

Step 2: Choose window colors

Step 2 of your window quote from Window Universe.

Here we pick the color for the window frames and sashes. White is the most popular color by a pretty wide margin and there are other colors available too. The color options do impact the prices and the itemized prices are shown on your price list.

Window Universe color options. Interior and exterior colors.

The window frames come in either white, beige or classic clay. Then an additional color can be applied to the interior, the exterior or both.

Common color options are shown here and we can also mail out a set of color samples if you’d like to see them in real life.

It’s important to note that all color combinations are not available so we suggest replying to the email we sent you to talk about the options before you fall in love with a particular combination.

Step 3: Select glass options

Here we pick the energy efficient glass package that will be included in your order. Typically the Energy Efficient Package is selected initially because that’s the most popular package we offer. It represents a great value.

The next most popular packages are also listed and the efficiency ratings for each of these packages are included as well. These are priced in addition to the Energy Efficient Package. We do offer over 100 efficiency packages but we don’t want to overwhelm you with choices. Feel free to ask if you’d like to explore anything else.

Tax credit for replacement windows in Sacramento CA
These ratings are specific to options in Sacramento, CA. If you’re in another area find our other locations here.

Triple pane glass is part of the Energy Star Most Efficient Package. This is the most popular of the upgrades and it often represents the best value in terms of dollars spent vs improvement in efficiency. We can help to explain the different efficiency packages and the advantages or disadvantages of each. You can find more info about that here.

Below the efficiency options you’ll see other glass options like tempered glass for safety, laminated glass for security or sound reduction, obscure glass for privacy and specialty glass which is decorative, etched or leaded glass.

Step 4: Pick window options

Step 4 of your window quote.

Here you can see several options that other companies will either charge extra for or not include at all. We’re trying to make sure you get a good perspective of what is included in this quote. Things like upgraded balances, foam insulated frames and reinforced sashes contribute to the long term durability of the windows.

Screen options are noted in this section too. Most window styles are available with half or full screens and we include heavy duty extruded aluminum screen frames when possible for increased durability.

We can also add grids in the windows. These don’t make the window better or worse, they’re just a style thing. They can be inside the glass to protect them from pets or kids and to make cleaning easier or they can be external, outside the glass, for a more substantial look.

Grid options for Signature Elite windows.

We always suggest keeping grids in the new windows if you had them before. It’s the way the house was designed and they may be required by your HOA. If you’d like to order windows without grids that’s fine with us too. Just be aware grids are not included unless itemized in this section of your quote. Both flat and countered internal grids are available.

Internal grids are far more popular than external grids, so internal contoured grids will be the default option if grids are selected. External grids do cost a bit more and will be noted as SDL grids which stands for Simulated Divided Lite.

By default we will match your existing grid pattern and the grids will match the color of the windows, inside and out. If you’d like to change the grid pattern or the grid color just let us know by email and we’ll note that on your order forms. All changes like that must be in writing by email. Since the windows are custom made almost any grid pattern is possible.

Step 5: Add professional installation

Step 5 of your window quote.

In the lower left section of your window quote you can see the itemized labor costs associated with your project. If you’d like to order windows only to install yourself we can remove the labor costs. The vast majority of our customers do order windows with installation and that’s the recommended way to go.

Remember, if you are ordering windows with installation your project will be professionally measured and installed by the manufacturer’s installation department which is a really great feature and ensures a quality result. If you’re planning on installing your windows yourself you do the measuring too.

You’ll see other options in this section for things like trim and any repair work that might be needed. Note the job site delivery charge only applies to orders without installation. If you order your windows with installation they will be delivered to your house at no additional cost.

Turn my window quote into an order

Those are the basics when it comes to understanding your window quote. You will see a few other pieces of info in the lower right section like an example of a payment. This is just an example, there are many great financing options including $0 down and 0% interest options.

Other helpful information

From here we can make unlimited revisions to your quote, answer any additional questions and get your project started. Just reply to the email we sent with the price list, or email your window expert right here, and let us know how we can help today.

Questions about my quote from Window Universe.

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